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Conference 2016

National Trust Conference 2016

Heritage Rising

in association with the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals 

October 20-22, 2016 • Hamilton, Ontario

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Heritage places are rising stars. They have an authenticity and vibrancy that can’t be purchased off-the-rack and they sit at the intersection of defining issues of our time - how to live sustainably and equitably.

National Trust Conference 2016, Heritage Rising, is inspired by Hamilton, a resilient city with an exceptional heritage legacy that has bounced back from the decline of its industrial sector. It now boasts one of Canada’s fastest growing economies. Propelled by a growing creative sector and a blend of grassroots and public projects, heritage-led regeneration is transforming the city’s urban fabric and creating a dynamic new civic identity.

Heritage Rising will explore the cutting-edge of heritage thought and practice, in Canada and abroad, including Indigenous heritage, rural revitalization and climate change. It will also build on Hamilton’s experience to examine how heritage reflects cultural diversity and contributes to social goals like poverty reduction, food security and public health. 

The annual National Trust Conference is Canada’s largest event for professionals, practitioners and volunteers engaged in regenerating and saving our heritage places. The 500-plus participants expected at Heritage Rising will come from a diverse range of backgrounds: architects, professionals and trades; planners and government representatives; heritage organizations, volunteers and the general public; and university instructors and students.


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