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Federal Election 2015

Find out what federal parties are saying about heritage conservation!

On behalf of our members across Canada, we submitted the following two questions to federal political parties:     

1. What will your party do to ensure that the Canadian tax system encourages the preservation or rehabilitation of Canada’s heritage buildings?

Canada’s Eco-Gifts Program allows private and corporate landowners who donate a conservation easement or full title to ecologically sensitive land can apply the value of the gift against 100% of their annual income. Nothing comparable exists for Canada’s culturally significant buildings and sites.

Since 1976, the United States Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program has been extremely effective in attracting private investment to the rehabilitation of historic buildings. Canada’s tax system, by contrast, does not encourage the re-use of older buildings.  

​2. Does your party support the creation of national “heritage first” legislation?

In Europe and the United States, national governments have “heritage first” legislation which give preference to heritage buildings and districts when purchasing or leasing space for offices, conferences or accommodation. “Heritage first” legislation increases market demand for older buildings and creates a powerful incentive for the property industry to rehabilitate rather than demolish.

Read what national federal parties have responded to date!

The Liberal Party of Canada

The New Democratic Party of Canada

Green Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

Read the National Trust's 2015 Budget submission.

Make the candidates who are running in your riding aware of the importance of heritage buildings to the environment and the economy.

How you can make a difference:

  • Engage candidates who come to your door about their party’s stand on heritage issues
  • Attend your local all-candidates meetings and ask a question
  • Initiate direct contact by e-mailing, telephoning, writing or visiting candidates at their election offices – draw them out on heritage issues.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Call a phone-in radio or television show featuring election coverage

Let your candidates know your views on the importance of conserving our heritage buildings and historic places. By raising important questions you will help to increase the political profile of heritage issues.