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Top Ten Endangered

The Top 10 Endangered Places List is released annually to bring national attention to sites at risk due to neglect, lack of funding, inappropriate development and weak legislation. From unique 19th-century landmarks to simple vernacular housing, stone railway stations to Modernist airports, heritage districts to single buildings, the list has become a powerful tool in the fight to make landmarks, not landfill.

The National Trust uses three primary criteria to determine the 10 final sites for inclusion on the list:

  • Significance of the site
  • Urgency of the threat/potential for a positive and creative solution
  • Evidence of active community support on the ground for its preservation

If you know an historic place that should be included on our list, tell us about it today!

The nomination period for the 2016 Top 10 Endangered Places List is closed. The 2016 list will be announced in May.

Endangered places benefit from Launch Pad!

Thanks to the generosity of Launch Pad donors, two of the sites nominated for the 2016 Top 10 Endangered Places List will receive a Launch Pad mission!

Launch Pad is a new initiative of the National Trust designed to help unlock the potential of places that matter. It brings together local leaders with a carefully assembled volunteer team of seasoned experts and young professionals to find creative solutions to help save and renew historic places. Recipients of the donor-funded missions will be selected based on the best fit with Launch Pad eligibility criteria. To learn more about Launch Pad, click here.

Donate today and help us put Launch Pad into action in communities across the country. 

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