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Launch Pad

Through the generous support of our National Trust donors and our national network of volunteers, Launch Pad missions will bring together key local players with seasoned experts in order to collaboratively find solutions to save and renew their historic places.

Launch Pad gives priority to local challenges that are beyond the means of the community organizations that own these sites, and in locations where the special expertise they need is not readily available. And it gives priority to groups who have the ability to follow-through and make their projects a reality.

Launch Pad missions are focused interventions, meant to bring targeted expertise to a heritage project – typically taking place over a few hours or a couple days. The goal is to build the capacity of organizations to see the potential of their place, and to identify funding, revenue streams and partners in order to create a sustainable future for their historic place.

Every Launch Pad mission will be different, but the goal will be the same: recruit the right team to understand the problem; apply a proven approach that will change the way communities think about their places that matter; and leave the local groups better equipped to meet the challenges of saving and renewing their historic places.

For students and young professionals, Launch Pad missions provide an extraordinary hands-on mentoring experience, working side-by-side with seasoned professionals.

We are raising funds to put Launch Pad into action.

Watch this space for further information on how to apply for a Launch Pad mission and how to become a Launch Pad volunteer. Make your donation today and help us help communities save and renew places that matter.

For more information on Launch Pad, contact Robert Pajot, at 613 237-1066 ext 233, or