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Heritage Day

Main Street: At the Heart of the Community

We’re out  and about during Heritage Week! Find out what the National Trust is up to.

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For the week of February 16, 2015, the National Trust encourages Canadians to celebrate Main Street: At the Heart of the Community. 

Our Main Streets and traditional downtowns are a heritage worth celebrating. As venues for commerce, entertainment, worship, shopping and more, they speak volumes about a community's social and economic history.

Downtowns have long been places where families and friends gather to shop, enjoy parades and fireworks, and where communities commemorates milestones. Providing a rich and textured backdrop are the historic buildings that line our main streets: landmark post offices and places of worship, commercial architecture with enticing display windows, and homegrown shops and cafés that together create a vibrant mix of services and uses.

Car culture, the rise of regional shopping malls and big box stores that pull shoppers and businesses away from city centres have been hard on our historic main streets and downtowns. But hundreds of communities recognize that the heritage of downtown is an asset that attracts new residents, invites tourists, and stimulates new investment—the foundation for a vibrant economy and a sustainable future.

Does your City Council recognize Heritage Day? Request a proclamation! Here’s an example.

Looking for ideas? See what other Canadian communites are up to for Heritage Week.

Here are some other great suggestions for ways that you can participate on Heritage Day.

Read Minister Shelly Glover's Statement on Heritage Day!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #ilovemymainst contest!

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