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Suggested Activities

Suggestions for Heritage Day Activities

Groups and Organizations

  1. Prepare a social media campaign leading up to and during Heritage Week to raise awareness about the theme using photos, links to interesting places and information about your organization's activities. Encourage and welcome volunteers.
  2. Arrange Heritage Tours —especially those related to the Heritage Day theme—for the general public to enjoy.
  3. Organize displays on: the history and development of your area; antiques and artifacts; photographs; clothing; musical instruments; sports equipment; and more.
  4. Organize a lecture related to the Heritage Day theme or a workshop/demonstration on maintaining and repairing traditional building materials (masonry, wood, decorative plaster, etc) and elements (windows, porches, storefronts, etc.)
  5. Organize a photographic or artistic contest aimed at school-aged children.


  1. Visit a heritage property or museum.
  2. Become informed and involved in the preservation effort in your community. Get involved with your local heritage group.