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Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund

2015 Recipients Announced!

The Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund is administered by the National Trust for Canada in cooperation with a professional advisory committee.

The Fund awards one or more Canadian students or young professionals (age 20-35) pursuing post-secondary or graduate studies in built heritage conservation, or working in the field of built heritage conservation. With assistance from the Fund, Herb Stovel Scholars will receive support to deepen their capacity in heritage conservation through special projects, experiential learning or conference attendance.

The Fund will provide two types of support:

  1. Project bursaries up to $2,500 for candidates who propose special projects, results-oriented travel and participation at conferences and events that continue Herb’s passion for community innovation and/or international dialogue in built heritage conservation theory and practice. Applications requesting support that is focused only on general tuition expenses will not be considered.
  2. The National Trust for Canada Conference bursaries cover the cost of  travel, conference accommodation and registration (approximate value $1,000) for candidates to attend the National Trust's annual conference (Calgary, AB, Oct 22-24, 2015 or Hamilton, ON, Oct 20-22, 2016).

2015 Fund Recipients

The National Trust for Canada joins members of the Stovel family in congratulating this year’s recipients of educational assistance from the Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund. The Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund is administered by the National Trust in cooperation with a professional advisory committee. 

Jonathan Weller, an MA student at the University of Victoria, B.C., is the recipient of a $2,000 project bursary to attend the 2016 University of Massachusetts Center for Heritage and Society conference and present a paper on the cultural landscapes of the Southern Gulf Islands of B.C.

Sara Nixon of Grimsby, Ontario (MA Public History, Carleton University) and Ali Piwowar of Regina, Saskatchewan (MA Architecture graduate, Carleton University) will receive conference bursaries to attend the National Trust’s 2015 Conference, Heritage Energized, to be held in Calgary, Alberta from October 22 to 24, 2015.



Application Process:

  • Please read the Terms & Conditions;
  • A proposal (max.1,000 words) that outlines the applicant’s recent achievements and aspirations in the built heritage conservation field, and the relevance of the proposed educational program or conference attendance to the applicant’s course of study, current research, or professional development;
  • Proposed dates of study or conference attendance;
  • Estimated project cost (if applicable);
  • A brief Curriculum Vitae including references;
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship; and
  • Proof of student status (if applicable).

Deadlines and Key Dates:

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is end of business day May 29, 2015 for project bursaries or National Trust conference attendance in October 2015 or 2016.
  • Successful candidates will be announced on June 30, 2015.
  • Deadline for disbursement of funds awarded in 2015 is December 31, 2016. 
  • Email your application as one complete pdf document to: (Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund as the subject line), or
  • Mail your application to:

Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund
The National Trust for Canada
190 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, ON 
K1R 6H4


All who knew Herb Stovel understood his commitment to heritage conservation and more importantly his strong support for education and preparing a new generation of professionals. Over a period of decades he generously passed on his insights and understandings which have helped define the field of theory and practice for the 21st century in Canada and internationally.

In Canada he taught in traditional settings as professor at Université du Montréal and most recently Carleton University. Early in his career he developed courses for the Heritage Canada Foundation’s Main Street Programme that prepared over 100 professionals in communities across the country for careers in downtown revitalization.  His training of federal employees reached across disciplines and departments, most notably perhaps with the Federal Heritage Building Review Office (FHBRO) course. Herb believed in empowering others and giving them the means to spread the word as broadly as possible. He developed train-the-trainer courses to put this knowledge into the hands of those best placed to deliver it. Then he moved on.

It is no exaggeration that Herb Stovel has students and followers in every corner of the globe. He believed in people and brought them together in the name of cultural heritage conservation, leaving behind conflicts of war and politics allowing them to work together towards a common goal.

Herb’s commitment to education lives on through the Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund.  


Help support Canadian students and young professionals! 

Consider making a tax deductible donation to the Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund. The National Trust will issue Canadian charitable tax receipts for all donations.

Donate online, or send a cheque made out to the Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund to:

Herb Stovel Scholarship Fund
National Trust for Canada
190 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, ON 
K1R 6H4

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